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Quick Poll and Find Out

By: Rebecca Avgoustopoulos If you ever find yourself sitting on the Quad on a busy day, try creating a Quick Poll that friends can answer right from the Illinois app. Quick Polls are an entertaining and surprisingly informative way to send a multiple-choice question to other people on the app. Then you can watch the votes…

How I Used the Illinois App Today

By: Cesar Monsalud  I’m a senior in computer science, and if you have ever been a student at UIUC you know that life can get busy sometimes. To help manage my day, I love using the Illinois App because it makes things much more convenient for me. To show you how much it has helped me,…

Shortcuts in the Illinois App

Use this guide to find quick paths to popular functions in the Illinois app tools.

Bus pass, i-card, buy tickets, meal plan, dining dollars, add illini cash, food filters, interests, privacy settings, and more

Huddle up with Groups on the Illinois app

With the Groups feature, users can now create a communication space in the Illinois app for friends and colleagues. People use Groups for messaging around a certain topic or between a certain number of people, posting announcements, hosting chats, and organizing meetups. Groups can also be used to publish events that show up in the…

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