Students have fun with groups

Courtesy of Daniel Odicho

Starting a new friend group in college can seem daunting. But here’s how Daniel Odicho, a freshman in Computer Science, created the first largest group on the Illinois app.  

“I downloaded the app and the first thing that popped up was the original group that was ‘ur mom’. I just wanted to see what the other groups were all about, and I noticed that biggest group only had ten members. I can surely beat this, right?” 

“So I made ‘your mom, but better’, and I just like invited all my friends. Then they start inviting people in.”  

To add to the fun, Odicho also shared to reddit. Overnight, ‘ur mom, but better’ gained more than 100 members. Seeing the enthusiastic response, he realized that many incoming students just want to be part of a community. 

“Probably, almost everyone is inclined to join, cause when starting this new phase, by just joining a group, you have this feeling of familiarity when you go to campus. You know there are people that are going through the same as you.” 

The group currently has 277 members and has inspired others to create groups on the app. 

Readers can find out how to use groups in our User Guide.

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