Huddle up with Groups on the Illinois app

With the Groups feature, users can now create a communication space in the Illinois app for friends and colleagues. People use Groups for messaging around a certain topic or between a certain number of people, posting announcements, hosting chats, and organizing meetups. Groups can also be used to publish events that show up in the app event calendar.

Any student, faculty, or staff member can create a Group in Illinois app. Group administrators can then authorize any member to be a co-administrator. Only users of the Illinois app who are signed in with their NetID can view Groups and request membership to any public group that they see listed.  

The Groups feature is already in use across several units, including Student Affairs and Housing. Most on-campus Residence Halls are also using Groups to message residents and create events, which replaces the need for Facebook and Instagram.

Try it out: Go to Browse > Groups in the Illinois app.

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