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By Megan Wilbur

Hi everyone! My name is Megan, and I’m a senior living on campus. I know firsthand how much work it is to be a student, especially on top of everything else we have going on—whether it be jobs, clubs, or our social lives. Using the Favorites screen on the Illinois app has helped make my life easier and I think it could make yours simpler too. Three sections I have favorited are Athletics, Wallet, and Events.


Last year I became a big Illinois basketball fan after purchasing season tickets and sitting in the Orange Krush section many times with my friends. As the new season is starting, I’ve found it hard to learn the new players’ numbers and jerseys. By having the Athletics section of the app handy on my Favorites screen, I can quickly search the team’s roster. Also within the Athletics section, I can look for new sports that I can go watch before I graduate.

The Orange Krush section has a great view of the action.


Watching sports is fun, but the Wallet is easily the feature I use the most. It has the MTD Bus Pass I can show when I go off campus. It also shows the amount of Illini Cash that I have, which allows for seamless printing at the library. Most important for me, it has my Illini ID, which can function as my i-card in most situations. Having easy access to my Illini ID has been especially useful when I quickly need to find my UIN.

No more digging to find my wallet: I just use the MTD bus pass in the app.
No more digging to find my wallet: I just use the MTD Bus Pass in the app.


As I’m wrapping up my time on campus, I’m trying to make the most of the weeks left. I’ve been having fun finding events happening on campus with the Illinois app, where all of them are on one screen. Before, I would search different sites to try to find events, but the Illinois app has them all conveniently combined. I love exploring different things to do on campus! I’ve been able to find destress fests during finals, yoga classes, and even Dial-A-Carol using the app.

Adding to my Favorites screen on the Illinois app has been a great tool for me and I would recommend it to other students.

Soon I’ll be graduating and hopefully living in the city!

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