How I Use Campus Reminders as an Organizational Tool

By Megan Wilbur

Hello everyone! I am Megan, a senior studying advertising. As I’m wrapping up my college career, I wanted to share how the amazing tool Campus Reminders on the Illinois app has helped me stay organized. As a student juggling a full course load, a job, and extracurriculars, I know it can be hard to stay on track, but luckily there are tools to help. Campus Reminders has all the important dates and deadlines on it. You can add it to your Favorites screen for easy access as I did. Here I will mention three ways that I have found Campus Reminders handy.

Planning Trips Home or to Visit Friends

I have often found planning a trip home in advance to be confusing when I don’t know the dates of breaks. This is even more difficult when planning to visit a friend at school and seeing if our breaks overlap. In Campus Reminders, I can easily see when breaks begin and end, which makes it much easier to plan a trip. I have used this many times and even helped my friends book their flights much earlier than they would’ve without this tool.

Understanding Course Drop and Add Deadlines

There have been a few times when I needed to drop a course after it began or add an eight-week class late in the semester. The dates to add and drop courses were always confusing for me, so freshman year I used to not even bother and stuck it out with the classes I had chosen many months before. Once I found Campus Reminders, it was really simple to find these dates and drop a class without the fear that I was going to mess something up.

The beginning and end of a semester are always full of important deadlines.

Final Grades Release Date

I always anticipate the day that I can check my final grades on Self-Service, but it isn’t always clear to me when that date is. Since I want to be able to check as soon as possible, it was helpful for me to find the date on Campus Reminders. This way I was ready to check my final grades and GPA right when they were released.

Wrapping Up

As a busy college student, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. I really enjoy using the Illinois app because it was made with students in mind. I can easily do all these things with Campus Reminders and even more with the app!

I’m graduating with a degree in advertising and excited about the possibility of living in the city.

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