Top Off Your Illini Cash on the Illinois App

Have you bought some Illini Cash through the Illinois app yet? You should! It’s easier than ever to buy Illini Cash with just a credit card and a UIN. Illini Cash is a super convenient way to use your i-card for food, books, computer equipment, and printing. You can even buy Illini Cash for a friend if you know their UIN. (Hint: You can ask your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, distant cousin, or mysterious benefactor for Illini Cash that way too.)

With a little Illini Cash in your Wallet, you don’t always need to carry cash or your credit card when you head to class. Sounds safe. Sounds easy.

Q: Can I pay for stuff with Illini Cash through the Illinois app?

A: Sadly, no. You still need to swipe your i-card to charge anything to your Illini Cash balance. It doesn’t work like Apple Pay, where you can tap your phone on the credit card scanner. Maybe it will someday! 

There is no fee to open or use Illini Cash and no minimum purchase requirement. The catch is that you can’t return it once you buy it. So, make sure you buy only what you know you’ll spend! And have a peek at the terms and conditions.

Here’s another tip: if you have a preferred name set up through Self-Service, make sure to enter your preferred name when you’re adding Illini Cash. 

Check out some of the spots around campus where you can spend your Illini Cash and get started!

University Housing

  • All dining halls 
  • 57 North at the Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP) 
  • The Caffeinator at SDRP
  • InfiniTEA at the Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR)
  • Terrabyte at ISR
  • Urbana South Market at the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (PAR)
  • Good2Go Food Truck

Illini Union

Campus Recreation

Computer Centers

Other Campus Locations

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