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Illini Cash How-To

Adding Illini Cash to your i-card is a quick and convenient way to purchase items like food, printing, books, supplies and computer equipment at various locations across campus.  

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Feature Requirements

Privacy LevelLevel 4 or Higher (to sign in Illini Cash)
Level 3 or Higher (to view balance)
Level 1 or Higher (to Add Illini Cash)
(Browse > Privacy > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
Internet ConnectionWi-Fi or Cellular Data
NetID Sign InNot Required
(Authentication with your NetID once on Illini Cash will be necessary)
Profile SettingUniversity Student or University Employee (to sign in Illini Cash
Any profile setting (to Add Illini Cash)
(Home > Personalize this app > Who You Are)
Illini Cash and Add Illini Cash on the Browse screen

What is in Illini Cash? 

Illini Cash offers convenience for students, faculty, and staff to use your i-card for purchases. No need to carry cash, as Illini Cash is accepted at numerous locations on campus.

Adding Illini Cash to your i-card is a quick and convenient way to purchase food, books, computer equipment, printing, and other select services across campus.

There is no fee to open or use Illini Cash and it’s easy to add money with a credit card online or through the Illinois app. There is no minimum purchase required and active accounts do not expire. Illini Cash is not refundable once it is put on your i-card. 

See the Illini Cash webpage for more details

Who can have access to Illini Cash?

University of Illinois students, faculty and staff are eligible to create an Illini Cash account and use its services. 

Anyone who wishes to “Add Illini Cash” to an existing account is able to. They will need the UIN and last name of the individual they wish to transfer money to.

Add Illini Cash

Using Illini Cash on the Illinois app

On the Illinois app, 

  • Tap Browse
  • Tap Illini Cash
  • Sign in with your netid and password.

If you wish to add money into an Illini Cash account

  • Tap Browse
  • Tap Add Illini Cash
  • Fill out the relevant information with the correct UIN

Illini Cash Tips

  • Your balance is displayed automatically by tapping the Wallet in the Illinois app. 
  • Your balance is consistent and will not disappear between semester breaks
  • See the Illini Cash webpage for the list of locations that support Illini Cash. 
The Add Illini Cash page in the app.

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