Get Familiar with Campus Safety on the Illinois App

Check out the Campus Safety Resources section in the Campus Guide for a list of important websites, phone numbers, and guidelines that will help you remain always attentive and prepared to protect yourself from anything that threatens your happy fun time. 

Find out everything you need to know about Illini-Alerts, SafeWalks, SafeRides, Campus Safety Notices, resources for responsible alcohol consumption, and support for sexual assault or abuse. The guide lists the important stuff like phone numbers, addresses, and links to websites right at the top of each page, so you always know where to find what you need.

Screenshot of the campus safety resources on the Illinois app.
Learn about the campus safety resources in the campus guide.

Add Campus Safety to Your Favorites

Do you know about Favorites? Tap the star on any of these Campus Safety Resource pages to add them to your Favorites. That way, you’ll find them right at the front of the app. Minimal searching, scanning, and scrolling. The whole screen is customizable, so you can arrange them in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Learn more about Favorites here.

Screenshot of the campus safety resources on the Favorite page.
Star the Campus Safety Resources on your Favorite page to quickly access these guides.

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