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The Profile settings allow you to choose how to share your personal information. Select the best settings to help the app show features most relevant for you.

My Profile

At the upper right, tap the avatar to access the My Profile option from the pull-down menu.

Set Profile Photo

You don’t have to use an official ID photo for your Illinois app avatar. Select one from your device or upload one. You will see your avatar photo in places like Group admin information.

On Campus

The options for location services will tell the app to hide or show information.  

Accessibility Needs

If the switch for navigating to ADA-accessible buildings is toggled on, the My Courses layer of the Map feature (selected from the drop-down menu) will direct you to the closest accessible entrance.

Research at Illinois

If you have filled out the research interest form, the information you provided is stored in a confidential location. When you toggle on the switch to participate in research, you may be given an opportunity to contact researchers who have projects that fit the demographic details you entered on the form. Learn more about supporting research at Illinois

Set the My Profile options to change what information is shared with you.

Who Are You

At the upper right, tap the avatar to access the Who Are You option from the pull-down menu.

Choose as many roles as you like to personalize the experience.

You should choose University Employee or University Student if eligible so that you see the appropriate options to sign in with your NetID.

You must choose University Student to be able to see your classes under My Courses.

Select roles to customize the app features.

My App Privacy Settings

Privacy settings allow you control the amount and type of personal information that the Illinois app can collect and process.

Some services in the Illinois app require you to provide more personal information than others. You can enable or disable services that collect different levels of personal information in Manage and Understand Your Privacy. (For additional information about personal information processed by the Illinois app, see the Illinois App Privacy Notice.)

Your personal information may be retained in the Illinois app and on its data servers until you request its deletion. To expunge your stored information, use the Delete My Account option.

You can choose what information to share by selecting a privacy setting.

View Privacy Settings

At the upper right, tap the avatar to access the My App Privacy Settings option from the pull-down menu. Tap Manage and Understand Your Privacy to change your privacy level.

Level 1 = View

You are anonymous.

You can view most features but cannot use all of them. Your data are not shared or stored.

2 = Location Sharing

You share your location.

Wi-Fi location services deliver information like nearby bus stops or the distance to a dining location. Your location data are shared but not stored.

3 = Personalizations

You can customize the app.

You can save preferences, favorite sports teams, or choose dining locations to highlight.  

4 = Notifications

You agree to receive information.

You can sign in with your NetID. You will receive notifications about events or appointments, you can access your Illini ID, and you can use your Bus Pass.

5 = Sharing

You can access all features and can share your information with others.

You can create group events, polls, and posts. 

Use the slider to set your privacy level.

Delete My Account

Depending upon the privacy level you select, the Illinois app may collect, store, and use your personal information. This information is stored both on your phone and on external servers. Some of your personal information may be stored indefinitely until you request for it to be deleted.

Use Delete My Account to Purge Your Data

  1. Go to Profile > My App Privacy Settings.
  2. Tap Delete My Account.
  3. Tap Forget My Information.

Your data will be deleted from the app and its servers.

What Will Be Deleted?

All personal information collected by the app will be deleted permanently from the Illinois app and its servers, including any personal identifiers, credentials, avatar photos, and user preferences along with interests and favorites. 

By checking “Please delete all my contributions” you will also remove any content you contributed to groups, such as posts, replies, reactions, and events.

Retention Policy

Some statistical information that does not identify you will be retained indefinitely, such as app usage data, frequency of access, duration, and time of access.

Your contributions to documents shared by others such as event surveys and polls will not be deleted.  

Technical Details

The following data types are purged through Delete My Account.

Core Building Block

  • account – ID, app org ID, roles, auth types, username, external IDs (NetID, UIN), preferences (tags, interests, favorites, privacy level etc.), last login info, devices
  • profile – first and last names, email, phone, birth year, address, zip code, state, country
  • credentials (we store user credentials if the user signs in with email and/or phone) – auth type, hashed password, verification and reset codes, verification and reset expiration dates
  • login sessions – access token, refresh tokens, identifier, app ID, org ID, auth type, app type identifier, ip address, device ID

Groups Building Block

  • user – ID, name, email, external ID (UIN), net ID, client ID (application ID)
  • memberships – group ID, user ID, external ID, net ID, client ID, name, email, photo url, status (member, admin, or pending), answers
  • posts/replies – group ID, client ID, parent (post) ID, subject, body, is private, image url, reactions, member (creator), and members (recipients of post)

For additional information about data collection and retention policies in the Illinois app, see the Illinois App Privacy Notice.

You can delete your account and data in the My App Privacy Settings section.
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