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Wallet How-To Page

Required Settings

Privacy LevelLevel 4 or Higher
(Profile > My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign-InRequired
(Settings > Sign In/Sign Out)
Profile SettingAny Profile Setting
(Profile > Who Are You)

What Is in the Wallet?

The Wallet conveniently organizes the tools you need to get around campus and access facilities:

  • Illini Cash: View balance and add Illini Cash.
  • Meal Plan: View meals remaining and Dining Dollars.
    (University employees do not have access to Meal Plan and Dining Dollars)
  • Bus Pass: Show bus operators your bus pass when boarding any MTD bus in the Champaign-Urbana area.
  • ID Card: Show your Illini ID.

Wallet in the Browse menu
Find Illini Cash, Meal Plan, Bus Pass, and ID Card in the Wallet.
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