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Wallet How-To

Feature Requirements

Privacy LevelLevel 4 or Higher
(Browse > Privacy > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign InRequired
(Settings > Connect your NetID)
Profile SettingUniversity Student or University Employee
(Home > Personalize this app > Who You Are)

What is in the Wallet?

The Wallet conveniently organizes the tools you need to get around campus and access facilities. Features that you can find in the Wallet, include:

  • Illini Cash
  • Meal Plan: Meals Remaining and Dining Dollars
    (University Employees do not have access to Meal Plan and Dining Dollars)
  • Bus Pass
  • Illini ID

See also: Meal Plan.

Illini Cash and Meal Plan in the Wallet.

Show Your Bus Pass and Illini ID

On the lower part of the screen, you will see two blocks: Bus Pass and Illini ID. 

Tap Use Bus Pass to show bus operators your bus pass when boarding any MTD bus in the Champaign-Urbana area. 

Tap Use ID to show your Illini ID, which includes your Building Access pass and your QR code. 

See also: Use the Bus Pass in the Illinois App and Illini ID How-To.

Bus Pass and Illini ID.

Why can’t I see my Wallet?

To use the Wallet, you need to adjust your app settings so that they meet the minimum Feature Requirements. The wallet tab will only appear on the bottom menu of the app when the settings are adjusted accordingly.

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