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My illini tile

The myIllini feature conveniently redirects you to the university‚Äôs myIllini web portal to access your course schedules, grades, and account balances if you are a current student.

Prospective students can access applications, accept offers of admission, and manage their next steps for enrollment.  

myIllini can also help facilitate other tasks such as:

  • accessing transcripts
  • providing resources about student aid
  • keeping track of important dates of your U of I journey
  • requesting assessment of progress towards degree

Required Settings

To use myIllini, the app must have the following settings.

Privacy LevelLevel 1 or Higher
(Profile> My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign-InAuthenticate with Your NetID once on myIllini
Profile SettingAny Profile Setting
(Profile> Who Are You)

Sign In to myIllini from the Illinois app 

  1. Tap Academics
  2. Tap the drop menu at the top that says My Courses.
  3. Tap myIllini. A new window will open with a sign-in screen.
  4. If you are a future student of the University of Illinois, sign in under Future Students. If you are a current student, sign in under Current Students.
Menus of Academics tab
The myIllini link is on the Illinois app Browse screen.

myIllini Tips

Current students need to scroll down a little to sign in. The top sign-in is designated for future students.

For more information about myIllini, see the Helpful Resources page of the University of Illinois Undergraduate Admissions website. If you are a graduate student, see Explore Illinois at the Graduate College website.  

The login page of myillini
The myIllini site sign in page.

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