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University-Managed Groups

A university-managed group automatically populates and maintains membership details for all individuals in an official university college, department, or unit. Group admins can post announcements, create events, and build a community knowing that 100% of members will be reached.

Managing Your Group

You are already the admin of your group. It takes just a few steps to begin writing posts, setting up polls, creating events, and sending messages.

  1. Log in with your NetID.
    Profile > Sign In/Sign Out
  2. Set your privacy level to 4 or 5.
    Settings > My App Privacy Settings
  3. Turn on notifications.
    Settings > My Notification Settings
  4. Add your group to the Favorites screen.
    • Go to Home > Sections > Groups.
    • Tap the arrow to see the items on the pulldown menu.
    • Tap the star next to My Groups.
  5. Find your group by scrolling your list of Favorites or tap “View All.”
    Home > Favorites > My Groups
Once you’ve tapped the star next to My Groups, you’ll see all of your groups listed on your Favorites screen.

Sharing Your Group

Help students locate your group by sharing the QR code.

  1. Go to Home > Favorites > My Groups and tap the tile for your hall group.
  2. Next to “Share This Group” tap the arrow.
  3. Tap the button to save the group QR code. After your group members have downloaded the app, they can follow the QR code to go directly to your group.
Share the QR code for your group.

Privacy Settings

Group Members

Level 4

  • See event information
  • Reply to posts
  • Take polls
  • Receive notifications about the group
  • Read direct messages

Level 5

  • See event information
  • Write and reply to posts
  • Create and take polls
  • Receive notifications about the group
  • Read direct messages

Group Admins

Levels 4 and 5

  • Add existing events from the full list of events
  • Create events
  • Write and reply to posts
  • Create and take polls
  • Receive notifications about the group
  • Read and send direct messages


  • If your students aren’t receiving notifications about your group, they can check their preferences right in the group to make sure they have turned on notifications.
  • With a privacy setting of 4, students can respond to posts and take polls but can’t create any.
  • With a privacy setting of 5, students can create posts and send direct messages.
  • Unless they are logged in with a NetID, students can only view a list of public groups. They can’t join your group.

Content Policy: Content posted to the Illinois app is governed by the Student Code of the University of Illinois. Content that violates the standards set forth in the code will be removed. Users may report content in violation of the Student Code to the Office of the Dean of Students. 

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