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Users with or without a NetID can browse university-affiliated events in the Events section of the Illinois app. Users with a NetID can also create new events through Groups.  

Required Settings

Privacy LevelLevel 1 or Higher to Browse Events
Level 3 or Higher to Save Events
(Profile > My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign-InNot required to Browse and Save Events
(Settings > Sign In/Sign Out)
Profile SettingAny Profile Setting
(Profile > Who Are You)

Browse Events

  1. Go to the Browse tab and scroll down to Events.  
  1. Tap the Events button and choose Suggested Events to view a curated list of events based on your interests. If you have not specified any interests yet, you will see a list of single-day events occurring over the next seven days.  
  1. Use the filtering options to narrow down the list of Events by:  
    • Duration: Single Day or Multi Day 
    • Category: Academic, Athletics, Career Development, etc.  
    • Date: Next 7 Days, This Weekend, Next 30 Days, etc. 

See the screenshots below.

  1. Tap any Event on the list to open a new page with additional details about the events, including a description, website, and registration links.  
filter events by duration
Filter events by duration.
Filter events by category.
filter events by date
Filter events by date.

Save Events 

  • To add an event to your My Events list, tap the star next to it. 
  • The next time you return to the app, you can view My Events on your Favorites.  
  • Adjust My Calendar Settings to add Events on your Favorites to the calendar app on your mobile device.
  • You may also go to Browse >> Events >> My Events to view a list of the events you saved. Note: The My Events list is only available with a Privacy Setting of 3 or higher
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