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Users with or without a NetID can browse university-affiliated events in the Events section of the Illinois app. Users with a NetID and administrative permissions can also create new Events through Groups.  

Required Settings

Privacy LevelLevel 1 or Higher to Browse Events
Level 3 or Higher to Save Events
(Profile > My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign-InNot required to Browse and Save Events
(Settings > Sign In/Sign Out)
Profile SettingAny Profile Setting
(Profile > Who Are You)

Browse Events

  1. Go to the Browse tab of the Illinois app and scroll down to Events.  
  1. Tap the Events button to drop the menu and choose Suggested Events to view a curated list of Events based on your interests. If you have not specified any interests yet, you will see a list of single-day events occurring over the next seven days.  
  1. Use the filtering options to narrow down the list of Events by:  
    • Duration: Single Day or Multi Day 
    • Category: Academic, Athletics, Career Development, etc.  
    • Date: Next 7 Days, This Weekend, Next 30 Days, etc. 

See the screenshots below.

  1. Tap any Event on the list to open a new page with additional details about the events, including a description, website, and registration links.  
filter events by duration
Filter events by duration.
Filter events by category.
filter events by date
Filter events by date.

Save Events 

  • To add an event to your My Events list, tap the star next to it. 
  • The next time you return to the app, you can view My Events on your Favorites.  
  • Adjust My Calendar Settings to add Events on your Favorites to the calendar app on your mobile device.
  • You may also go to Browse >> Events >> My Events to view a list of the events you saved. Note: The My Events list is only available with a Privacy Setting of 3 or higher
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