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Due Date Catalog

Due Date Catalog

The Due Date Catalog shows you a comprehensive list of assignments gathered from various learning management systems on campus organized on a calendar. 

Required Settings

Privacy LevelLevel 1
(Profile > My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign-InRequired
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Profile SettingAny Profile Setting
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What Is the Due Date Catalog?

The Due Date Catalog is a scheduling system to help students keep track of their course assignments. Assignment dates are compiled from multiple learning management systems on campus. These include:
• Canvas
• Moodle
• Compass 2 G
• Lon Capa

The Due Date Catalog pulls assignment due dates from registered courses you are taking at the University of Illinois and consolidates them onto a single calendar. Several calendar views are offered in the web app. Students can also subscribe to the Due Date Catalog through their personal digital calendars.  

A student's calendar in the due date catalog
View a calendar of assignments from multiple courses.

Access the Due Date Catalog

You can access the Due Date Catalog under Academics.
(Academics > Due Date Catalog)

You can also use the webpage version.  

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