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Data Flow for Building Access Status

University members’ Building Access status can be displayed on their Illini ID in the Illinois app.

This article explains how Building Access status is calculated and what personal data is exchanged in the system.

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Illini ID showing Building Access Status

Data Flow for Building Access Status

Data Flow Diagram for Building Access Status Systems

Process Description

  1. University members upload their COVID-19 vaccination records to the McKinley Health Services website. McKinley Health Center verifies these records and enters them into McKinley’s Medicat database. 
  2. University members get tested for COVID-19 at various test sites. The lab results are given to McKinley Health Center and entered into the Medicat database.
  3. The Boarding Pass web app retrieves users’ COVID-19 vaccination and lab results and evaluates for compliance with university policies for building access.
  4. One way University members can show their Building Access status is in the Boarding Pass web app. (
  5. University members can also sign in to the Illinois app with their NetID to show their Building Access status in the app.

    (5A) When a user taps Building Access in Illinois app, the app asks the Boarding Pass system for the Building Access status for that user. The user’s encrypted UIN is sent in the query.

    (5B) The user’s status — Granted or Not Granted — is sent back to Illinois app.
  6. The app shows the Building Access status (Granted / Not Granted) on the user’s Illini ID screen.
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