Where is the Laundry Feature?

The Laundry feature on the Illinois app is a great tool for tracking washer and dryer availability throughout the day – so you can plan that trip to the laundry room at the perfect time. You don’t even need to wait around for your clothes to wash or dry. Laundry also allows you to keep track of the washer or dryer where you left your laundry. You’ll know when the cycle is over once the machine becomes available again.

One thing to remember about Laundry is that you can only see it if you have a contract with University Housing. You also need to sign in to the app with your NetID. If you live in private certified housing or off-campus housing, you will not see the Laundry tile on the Home or Browse page of the Illinois app. 

For more information about University, Private Certified, and Off-Campus Housing, check the Campus Guide on the Illinois app.

Categories: Using the app