Why Retire Safer Illinois?

People are wondering. Why was Safer Illinois retired?

The university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely effective. But the effort has also been costly, and staff has been stretched thin.

Moving forward, one of the ways we can lighten the load and maintain a more permanent solution is to consolidate mobile apps. By retiring Safer Illinois and by using the Illinois app and Boarding Pass instead for the most necessary features, we are able to scale back the level of spending and labor devoted to app development and user support.

The university’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic has evolved in step with medical progress, public health guidance, and changes in the virus itself. Safer Illinois included several costly functions that are now handled well by other campus technologies or are considered unnecessary.

By simplifying the data technology chain, we are also able to continue responding efficiently to quick changes in the COVID-19 pandemic and campus health protocols as they emerge. 

But what about test results?

One feature that many users miss is the ability to see their COVID-19 test results and health history in the app.

The Illinois app can’t display or interpret medical records. Only specific COVID-19 apps can display and interpret COVID-19 health information. COVID-19 apps follow requirements that the Illinois app does not. See, for example, Google’s requirements for COVID-19 apps

The Illinois app does, however, include a link to MyMcKinley. There, users can sign in to see their COVID-19 test results and vaccination record validation.

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